About Us

“URJAA” presents a wide range of Mix, Churan and Paan Items. We are a family owned, run and operational company since 2012. We manufacture and sale our products whose function is universally known as digestive aid. Our products are result of choicest ingredients and match the highest quality standard. Freshness & delicious taste is what makes our products favourite among our quality conscious customers all over India and abroad. We believe in quality, delicious taste, and freshness.

Our products are also available in natural colours extracted from fruits & vegetables thereby making it a healthy choice for all age groups.

Mix, Churan and Paan is inherently used post meals as digestive aid to process the food and as a mouth freshener for oral mouth hygiene. It is an ideal taste enhancer to savour the sweet, salty & sour flavours suiting each ones taste. Our endless desire to manufacture new digestive aid helps us to add to our product list.

With an ideal mix of digestives served in a variety of flavours we have something for everyone.

“Good Food, Good Cloth, Good House to these basic human need we add a good digestive aid for smooth digestion of food and better health for all”